HangWhere - how to hang a picture frame


How many holes are hiding behind the pictures on your walls?

Two?    Three?    More?
Okay, but no one will ever see them, right?

Perhaps... if you plan on moving before redecorating or did not really need that deposit back anyway - and that IS what they make Spackle for...right? 
 What if you could hang every picture 
 HangWherePerfectly  Perfect picture groupings
 HangWhereJust where you want
 HangWhereThe first time
 With HangWhere?® you can
 HangWhereMeasure once
 HangWhereMake only one hole in the wall
 HangWherePrecisely align multiple pictures
 HangWhereand it's Guaranteed to work
And HangWhere?® is
Simple to use
Easy for one person to hang a picture
and stores in less space than a 12-inch ruler 

 HangWhere?® comes with a 
money back guarantee! 

Hang a picture with ease

Poly Tech Industrial 

Picture hanging made easy

another cool tool from
Poly-Tech Industrial, Inc.

Poly Tech Industrial


HangWhere - perfect for photo arrangements

Currently available in
midnight blue

HangWhere for easy picture groupings